The Values That Drive Our Work

“Values” touch upon a lot of things…ethics, beliefs, ideals, and character, to name a few. If you are fortunate, the company that you work for has values that align with your own, so you can feel good about your work and can fully support the company’s mission.

The Pure Strategies’ mission is to transform business to create a more sustainable future. After reviewing this mission several times in recent years, we continue to believe that it represents why we do what we do, but our values were not up to date in explaining how we work each day to progress towards that mission.

As a sustainability consulting firm empowering brands and retailers to realize meaningful environmental and social performance, we are proud that B Corp recently recognized Pure Strategies as one of the “Best for the World” for 2022 in the Governance category. Every year, B Lab recognizes B Corporations around the world that have achieved the highest verified scores in the five impact areas evaluated in the B Impact Assessment — community, customers, environment, governance, and workers.  

“When companies incorporate their mission into the DNA of their company structure, they protect their long-term vision and fully commit to using business as a force for good,” notes B Lab. “The Best for the World in the Governance impact area walk the walk every day through exemplary governance practices, scoring in the top 5% of all B Corps across the globe.” This recognition was attributed to our efforts, among other efforts, to engage all employees in our mission and in working together to define the values that support our work.

So, when it came time to update our values, we knew it was important to involve our employees in shaping them as they contribute to how our organization functions. We asked each employee for input and had several group discussions and are proud to share the values that define our company and our work:

  • We are passionate. We are personally motivated to realize our vision and mission.
  • We super please. We deliver the highest level of expertise and service to our clients.
  • We empathize. We are caring and respectful in how we interact with others.
  • We empower. We support each other and our clients to achieve more together.
  • We are lifelong learners. We are endlessly curious in the pursuit of our vision and mission.

You can learn more about how Pure Strategies is living our values here.

Written by Melanie Fleming

Melanie  Fleming

Melanie Fleming joined Pure Strategies’ Marketing and Business Development team in 2018. She supports the consulting team with marketing and business development analysis, research, and written communication tools. Melanie gathers, analyzes, and generates reports on marketing and business development metrics, manages all social media channels, and website content. She contributes to the development of content and collateral through planning, writing, and editing client case studies, industry articles, press releases, the Pure Strategies’ blog, product and corporate ads, and the monthly enewsletter.

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